A Word From The Client…

“Gary has been a valuable Board member at Kindermusik International for the last three years. His extensive experience in sales and marketing helped us revamp our focus and direction. Most recently, I engaged Gary in a project to find and onboard a new marketing agency. Following an extensive search and interview process, Gary identified a top notch firm and was instrumental in negotiating the deal and implementing a transition plan. In addition, Gary completed a thorough analysis of our sales organization detailing changes we needed to make moving forward. In preparation for these projects, Gary made sure he understood the inner workings of Kindermusik and the skill sets of each of our team members. His work was instrumental in developing our long term strategy, executing on that strategy, and following up to monitor the process. I highly recommend Gary to any company in need of assistance in growing their business and/or organizations wanting to maximize their sales and marketing efforts. ” – Scott Kinsey (CEO)


Kindermusik is the world’s leader in early childhood music education. The company has gone through recent senior leadership changes and needed to refine their sales and marketing efforts.

How We Solved It

After going through our 3D process, we were able to identify specific areas of opportunity on the sales side of the business as well as help them develop an entirely new marketing program. Some specific deliverables were a detailed sales strategy and tactics, a review of the current organization with recommendations, and the hiring and onboarding of a new agency.


The final results are still out but the early indication is that the business will have a sharper focus and the ability to improve both margin and revenue.

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