Stearns was working through the challenges caused by growth and having multiple facilities.

A Word From The Client…

“We have found Gary Fly to bring remarkable perspective and value. I have had the privilege of working with him directly as well as observing his work with several other companies and have always found him to have great intuition, creative ideas, solid follow-through and an attitude that is upbeat with a servant’s heart. If your business could benefit from an outside perspective and having an experienced “doer” working alongside your leadership team, it would be hard to find a higher quality and more pleasant resource than Gary Fly.”” – John Thomas (Vice President)


The company had set up multiple offices and had successfully grown their business, but, the principles of the business found that they were spending too much time on non-revenue generating activities and were considering bringing in an operations person to take over these essential but non-revenue generating activities.

How We Solved It

Our work fell into three categories. First we examined the workflows and daily activities of the current employees to understand exactly what was occurring, and to see firsthand the specific types of activities that were pulling the leadership team from their revenue generating work. Second, we created a specific job description and began to interview candidates. Third, we presented a slate of candidates to the leadership team and then put together an onboarding plan to ensure a successful and impactful start.


The associate has been in place for a year and there was immediate impact. The new associate began at a time there were some specific technology issues and they were able to focus on those issues and drive to a solution with only minimal impact on the rest of the company.

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