The Dangers of Setting Unrealistic Growth Targets

I’ve been having lots of conversations with senior leaders lately discussing whether they have the right people on their team to hit their growth targets. This is an incredibly important topic (and something I’ll touch on in a moment), but before you analyze the...

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The Leadership Paradox

Much has been, and likely will continue to be, written about the topic of leadership. The word alone inspires us to extract new definitions, craft clever mantras, and share our opinions and predictions about its continued importance—or pending obsolescence—in the...

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Does Your Business Need Greater Traction?

In mechanics, traction is the force that generates motion between an object and the surface it’s on, either through friction or shear force. The use of the word in business feels the same, doesn’t it? Many business owners start off only understanding the shear force...

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Case Study: Market Segmentation

Overview The client had a broad portfolio of capital equipment healthcare products, maintenance agreements and financial service offerings. The products were designed for a continuum of variably sized customers in an array of different medical specialties. There were...

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You Are NOT Charging Enough

And your margins are too thin… How do I know this? 25 years of experience and sitting through many negotiations, I have seen that companies don’t charge enough. Why? Because they don’t really understand why their customers buy and they don’t really...

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Keys To A Successful Strategy

Hint: it’s not in the creation of the strategy. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Strategy. Mission and Vision Statements. Corporate culture. ETC, ETC, ETC. I don’t know about you, but I have been through some world class planning sessions and have...

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