SPEVCO enlisted our help in working through the challenges of succession

A Word From The Client…

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gary Fly and experienced his leadership and creativity. He has the ability to build teams, drawing people closer to one another and knocking down walls that hold your organization back. Gary’s network is vast and he is a real people person. There are people that stand out in the boardroom and break room, Gary is that person. He instills great confidence in people allowing them to grow and prosper. If you are ever in a slump or just hit a plateau he is the jolt of electricity to get you to the next peak. ” – Tii Tharpe (President)


There were two key issues facing this 30 year old family run specialty manufacturing business. One issue was the internal belief that silos had developed and the different parts of the company were not communicating effectively.  The second issue revolved around succession and ensuring the company was poised for a successful transition.

How We Solved It

Starting with the Define phase, we worked onsite in all areas of the organization to gain an understanding of what was actually occurring.  This phase provides the baseline for all work, recommendations, and plans that follow.  This process included time on the shop floor, traveling with the team and working on their activations, and being a part of the on-going company operations.


There were three key deliverables and results.  First, a specific operational plan was developed for the senior leader of the organization and his direct reports.  Second, a plan was put into place for developing the next generation of leadership including formal training for them.  Third, a vendor management plan was developed that included the identification and selection of critical vendors including insurance and marketing.

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