About Performance CXO

We provide a hands-on solution to help you and your company succeed…

What’s different? Our approach, our willingness to get in the trenches, and the fact that we stay around through the final implementation. Curiosity, connections, experience, insights, and good humor… the keys to developing impactful solutions to your organization’s problems.

We strive to support our clients in ways others can’t. Using a time-tested approach we identify the root causes of your most problematic issues, create solutions to remedy the problems and then implement those solutions.

You will find that we extend the bandwidth of you and your senior team allowing you to focus on higher value work, we become a trusted advisor, and we will be an advocate for your success.


Gary Fly


Gary works with family-owned businesses, startups, and companies undergoing significant transitions, helping them to establish robust foundations for growth and succession.

Areas of Expertise:

Gary specializes in identifying and nurturing talent, creating scalable business systems, and building effective leadership teams. His expertise extends to facilitating smooth generational transfers of businesses and driving sales and profitability enhancements. Additionally, Gary serves as a trusted advisor and sounding board for business leaders to help them make better decisions.

Challenges Solved:

Gary has transformed underperforming companies by developing talent and installing key business systems that support expansion. He has also successfully navigated the complex dynamics of generational business transfers, ensuring leadership continuity and operational stability. His strategic input has led to substantial improvements in sales effectiveness, overall profitability and enhanced enterprise value. .

Josh Winters


Josh partners with organizations ranging from established firms to startups, particularly those in manufacturing, industrial and technology sectors seeking to refine their sales strategies and enhance overall team performance.

Areas of Expertise:

Josh excels in designing sales team compensation plans, leading organizational restructures, and implementing effective sales processes. His strategic approach to account management, contract negotiations, and pricing strategies ensures sustainable growth for his clients. Additionally, Josh is adept in executive recruiting and crafting comprehensive talent strategies.

Challenges Solved:

Josh has successfully reorganized sales departments to optimize performance, coached teams to exceed revenue targets, and developed pricing strategies that balance profitability with market competitiveness. His strategic interventions have consistently resulted in improved sales efficiency and increased client retention rates.


John Chapman


John works with multiple industries, from aerospace and healthcare to retail, aligning strategy and sales to maximize selling efforts and increase profitability.

Areas of Expertise:

John specializes in examining all aspects of the sales organization, including the sales environment, management evaluations, planning systems, and management functions. His holistic approach focuses on understanding market segments and account nature, defining necessary sales tasks for value creation, supporting and measuring sales tasks to drive behaviors, establishing goals, strategies, and tactics, implementing KPIs, compensation, and bonus structures, designing incentive plans, recruitment and sales training, enhancing supervision, morale, and motivation, sales forecasting and quota management, and optimizing territories and routing. His experience spans over 30 years, leading high-level sales in start-ups and established international companies.

Challenges Solved:

John has transformed sales organizations by aligning strategy with sales efforts, thereby increasing sales and profitability. His systematic approach ensures that sales teams are well-prepared to deliver value, and his strategic initiatives drive desired sales behaviors. He has successfully navigated complex sales environments, implemented effective sales strategies, and driven substantial improvements in sales effectiveness and overall profitability.

We will help you know what to do, design a solution, drive the implementation, fix what is needed and make refinements based on how things actually unfold.


We are strategic, visionary leaders with the ability to take complex situations, create systematic solutions, build consensus and achieve desired results. Our CXO leadership talents are reflected through successfully leading organizational paradigm shifts, nurturing relationships, developing talent, communicating strategic vision, and transforming strategy and culture.

We have accomplished independent board members with innate abilities to think strategically, properly position a business amidst a competitive landscape, convert relevant strategies into reality, create and implement appropriate change management solutions, and develop sustainable revenue streams and increased profits.

Our team of powerful relationship builders quickly build trust and engender good will, from within and outside the organization, leading to enhanced client/user experiences. Finally, our multi-unit operations managers have a proven, stable record of successful P&L management, team building, and sales improvement.

  • Operations Management 95% 95%
  • Marketing Management 90% 90%
  • Financial Management 80% 80%