grow their business

A Word From The Client…

“Gary brought his operations skills and leadership experience to our business which helped lay the foundation of years of significant growth. Gary worked with us to develop systems, strategies, procedures and processes that created a real culture of accountability. Also, Gary took this same mindset to our sales building program and, again, help create the cornerstone of a plan that lead to SFW being named an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company for 5 consecutive years.” – Ged King (President)


SFW is a research based full service marketing firm with an innovative and often unconventional client/agency model.  The core issue revolved around the challenge of implementing and consistently using systems in a very creative environment.  SFW had a proven process that, when followed, always generated great results for their clients.  The challenge became how to developed and institute a culturally appropriate systems, processes, and procedures to ensure the core process is followed and the client receives the high quality work the expect.

How We Solved It

We worked at a very granular, hands-on level to fully understand the business and then built out some basic solutions to address the basic issues.  Ultimately, we created internal process solutions, made organizational design suggestions, and developed a three pronged business growth plan.


The results have been that over the last five years, the company has grown from 10 to 60 employees, has opened a second office, is considered one of the premier agencies in the state and, arguably, the Southeast, and revenue has grown by almost 4X.

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