Facing the reality of rapid growth, The FMRT Group enlisted our help in developing and implementing internal processes.

A Word From The Client…

“Gary has brought invaluable knowledge and support to our business during the last few years. From the start, he immersed himself in knowing us and understanding our vision. He has been a great support as we’ve experienced many growing pains, including everything from developing standard operating procedures to determining job functionality for new sales team members. Utilizing his large and eclectic network, Gary also helped bring in the right people for our project-based needs. With his experience, diverse skill-set, and resources, he has made a significant impact in our lives and our business.” – Elizabeth Morris (CEO)


Rapid growth had forced the company to more than double their workforce in just over a year.  The simple fact is that there were a great deal of new people who simply did not have a lot of time in their positions.  So, we needed to develop specific operating procedures and, standards for how and when to do the work.

How We Solved It

We spent time on site watching the employee’s work and interviewing them.  This process uncovered the areas they felt needed improvement, opportunities for improvement with communications, and the areas that most needed refinement and additional training.


We developed a full set of SOP’s, began an on-going training session, created a daily kick-off meeting plan, and ultimately, put together a fully formed strategy, mission and vision statement, and a complete SWOT analysis.  The end result is that the business is not solidly positioned to continue their rapid growth as they enter their second decade and work through planned succession.

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