Brooks Group
Rapid growth

A Word From The Client…

“Gary thoroughly vetted potential vendors for a key part of our business. In doing so, he took a massive project off of my plate freeing me to handle other initiatives. Gary’s ability to quickly understand our business, identify opportunities for improvement, and then successfully execute on those opportunities makes him one of our most trusted partners.” – Jeb Brooks (President & CEO)


The key problem was that the internal procedures had not changed or been refined as the company grew which resulted in inefficiencies, errors, and wasted time and money. At the end of the day, the company was spending too much time and too much money on getting their work completed, and we were able to help them highlight the choke points and find good solutions.

How We Solved It

The define phase consisted of working along all the associates and following a new order through the process from closing the sale to the completion of the final project. This hands-on approach allowed us to fully understand the process, evaluate the roles each person was playing, and to garner insights that were invaluable in the solution phase.


The end result was a complete redesign of how the work was done and ultimately the selection and onboarding of an outside vendor to do the “low value add” activities. The process added significantly to The Brooks Group capacity and ultimately helped them secure the largest contract in the company’s history.

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