CXO Services


Performance CXO is a deeply trustworthy and highly effective management consulting firm. Our CXO’s are C-level executives who have each owned or run sizable businesses. We take a very hands-on approach to not only advise leaders, but to implement the recommended solutions. Utilizing our proprietary 3-D model, we deliver innovative solutions across industries and geographies.


Strategy development and implantation based on a proprietary 3D process… Define, Design and Deploy. Different than most “consultants”, we remain on-site to work through implementation and actually create a process of regular review as well as refinement of the work being implemented. Common applications are with developing sales and marketing strategies, go to market strategies and pricing work. The results of this 3D business process are a set of very specific actions, plans, and metrics to organize and drive the business. During the engagement, we work on-site to install the plans, train the appropriate people on the client’s staff, and put the systems in place to ensure the process is truly repeatable, impactful and sustainable. This work often encompasses the development of marketing strategies, sales plans, pricing, and revenue growth plans. I will work with your sales team to understand the market, develop a plan to grow revenue, and to audit and suggest improvements to your pricing model.


Interim CXO services to help companies work through issues they are facing… could be sales, marketing, internal operations, or org chart/org design issues. Essentially we provide additional bandwidth to senior leaders to help ensure they are able to work through any issues causing their performance to stagnate. The X can be an O and E an M or really anything…understanding that in many midsize businesses the senior team really plays many roles, the X is intended to reflect the ability and willingness to serve in any role necessary to achieve success. Our team will work on-site regularly and become an integrated member of the leadership team for the length of the engagement. The engagement is defined by a clear scope of work, performance metrics, and a specific end to the work.


According to research… ”Research shows us that approximately, only 30 percent of all family-owned businesses survive into the second generation and only 12 percent will be survive into the third generation. Surprisingly, only 3 percent of all family businesses operate at the fourth generation and beyond. “ Our team works with clients to develop a very specific strategy to navigate a transition successfully. Using the 3D business evaluation process, we will develop a very specific plan to ensure a good transition. This will include completing a GAP analysis to determine areas of focus and that need improvement, the creation of a very specific plan for the transition, a time line, and a set of tactics to be executed by key team members to minimize disruption and increase the odds of success.


Vendor Selection…often businesses don’t give much though to their vendors and, because of that, are not availing themselves of the tremendous benefit a true strategic vendor partner can bring. The Performance CXO team uses a precise process to determine if a new vendor is needed and, if so, we work through the process of outlining the requirements and role for the new vendor as well as the entire vendor selection process. The end result is the creation of a partnership that allows both parties to benefit, grow and receive real value for the relationship.


Senior Advisor/Board Member…using 80+ years of leadership experience, we work with clients to…define success, uncover what is currently occurring, and develop a road map to move from the current situation to success….we essentially conduct a Gap analysis and use this analysis as the bedrock for future action. Through a process of active listening, hands-on involvement, and regular, on-site, interaction, we strive to build trust, engender goodwill, and become a true trusted advisor to senior leaders. As a trusted advisor, our intention is to truly help the person achieve success and, in the end, to know they have someone in their corner with their best interest in mind.


Interested in selling a business? We will help you work through a process to maximize the value, and in many cases will either buy the business or find a buyer. Using a network of business professionals developed over the last 20 years, we can help companies find financing, understand the true value of the business, and source a buyer, all in a very confidential manner. Also, in certain cases, we may buy the business ourselves. The ideal situation for us is to help business owners who have no clear succession plan. We will work with those owners to have a smooth transition out of the business, to receive a fair price, and to know that their people and their legacy will be maintained. We are comfortable in many industries and the attributes of a business we would consider buying are…

  • An active and ongoing business
  • Revenue of at least $3,000,000
  • Profitable


Looking for someone to energize a company meeting, help convey a message to your team, or to provide some structure around a planning meeting? The Performance CXO team works to develop interesting, impactful content to help elevate your team meetings in a manner that encourages engagement, prompts creativity, and causes your team to think about the business in a way they may not have in the past. Speaking topics include strategy, employee engagement, customer service/customer experience, marketing and sales.


First we start with a specific goal in mind. This goal becomes our way to measure success. Second, we spend a great deal of time on-site to ensure we understand the business both technically and culturally, allowing us to craft solutions that will work and will be adopted by the team members. The key difference is in the Deployment stage as we develop very specific tactics for your team and then train them on these new tactics to ensure they understand, adopt, and execute the new plans. This also allows us to refine the tactics based on the results that are actually occurring. Third, we often tie a portion of our compensation to measurable client results…yes, we share in both the risk and the reward.